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The Scotsman has been at the heart of the debate about the issues that really matter since it was first published in 1817.

Almost 200 years later, it is taking the debate on to a new level through The Scotsman Conferences.

The Scotsman formalised its debate management skills by forming The Scotsman Conference business in 2010. The Scotsman Conferences complements the newspapers in The Scotsman Publications stable and its hugely popular website,

They offer an authoritative space for all shades of opinion to have their say on the challenges and opportunities facing Scotland over the next decade - from its economic prospects to its constitutional future and the shape of public services and how they are delivered.

The Scotsman’s advantage over others in the conference market-place is that it immediately offers access to huge numbers of readers – of both The Scotsman newspaper and This reach is far greater than anyone currently organising conferences in Scotland.

Scotsman readers and online visitors shape and deliver public policy and develop and run Scotland’s businesses. 55 per cent of users of are in managerial or professional jobs, while 51 per cent of users are in the social stratum AB.  More than 34 per cent of readers of the newspaper are managers, senior officials or in professional jobs – compared to the figure for the whole Scottish population of 19 per cent. he Scotsman Conferences give the people who matter a space to debate public policy, hear new ideas and contribute to policy-making.

They address the big questions facing the nation. How can Scotland build on its strengths - in renewable energy, life sciences, culture, and much more? How can its cities and wealth creators fight back from the damage inflicted by the financial crisis?  How does Scotland cope with an ageing population or pay for a transport infrastructure that matches the needs of a highly-mobile 21st century population?

The Scotsman Conferences are not predictable talking-shops that lead nowhere. The most authoritative speakers are challenged to get right to the heart of the big issues. Delegates make an active contribution and each conference report comes with practical recommendations for change. The Scotsman has the national reach and depth to get the conference messages out to the widest possible audience - at home and abroad.

Every newspapers has suffered circulation decline in recent years, but through, The Scotsman reaches more people than ever - more than 2.1 million unique users visit the site every month. Over the last year, page impressions per month reached a height of more than 15 million.

By getting involved in The Scotsman Conferences, you will reach the people who matter, continue a proud tradition of intelligent debate stretching back almost 200 years - and help shape the future of Scotland.

For more information on attending one of our conferences, or to discuss topics, speakers and agendas, please contact us.

The Media in Scotland: What does the digital future look like?
The Media in Scotland: What does the digital future look like?Book now

Following last year's successful conference examining the future of Scotland's media, the 2014 event will take a more detailed look at what the media landscape might look like over the next decade.

More details

Referendum Breakfast: Wealth Management
Referendum Breakfast: Wealth ManagementBook now

This seminar will examine how the referendum result may impact on the management of wealth in Scotland. Should asset-holders consider moving them outside Scotland - or is it best to sit tight as there would be a period of consultation in the eve...
More details

Building on Success: The future of forestry and timber in Scotland
Building on Success: The future of forestry and timber in ScotlandBook now

The conference - organised in association with Confor: promoting forestry and wood - will hear experts from industry, politics and academia outline the decisions needed to protect and enhance forestry's contribution to economic growth and rural...
More details

The Economics of Independence: The pound in your pocket.
The Economics of Independence: The pound in your pocket.Book now

There has been significant discussion about the big macroeconomic issues around independence but only limited examination of how these might impact household budgets. Join us as expert speakers outline the big policy questions in key spending ar...
More details

Referendum Breakfast: Charities
Referendum Breakfast: CharitiesBook now

The potential impact of independence on charities is immense - yet there has been little public debate about how the referendum might affect the charitable sector. Join us as expert speakers tackle crucial issues such as funding; regulation and ...
More details

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